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Buy Facebook Likes – from Bangladesh!

Ever wanted to know the cheapest way to buy Facebook Likes? I know where you're coming from. You've probably got targets - say, to generate 100,000 Facebook Likes by the end of the year.

Facebook LikesAnd your boss hasn't given you much budget because - social media is free, right?

You spot a really good deal to buy Facebook Likes - only $15 per thousand Likes! Yes, it IS possible!

The only snag is that your Likes will be created via a click-farm, by low-paid workers in Bangladesh who are

sitting at screens in dingy rooms facing a blank wall, with windows covered by bars, and sometimes working through the night.

Yes, this kind of stuff REALLY happens (here's full article on The Guardian). These guys sit all night liking Facebook pages, earning a single US dollar for 1,000 Likes.

And what do you get in return? A large number of fans (possibly fake profiles) from Bangladesh, who have no interest in your product and will never buy from you.

Still want to buy Facebook Likes? Think again!

Watch the click-farm scandal featured in Channel 4's Dispatches Celebs, Brands and Fake fans - on tonight (Mon 8th) at 8 PM. Here's the trailer 🙂




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