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Christmas presents for cats

What to get my cat for its Christmas? A very important question that millions of cat lovers are asking themselves as the festive season is drawing closer.  It's such an important query that Google returns over 62m results!
christmas presents for cats query

With so many results to choose from, it's quite a challenge for the busy cat lover to find the right Christmas gift for cats.

To make it easier easier, I have done a bit of research myself and have identified what I believe is THE perfect present.

Since I made my purchase as a direct result from seeing (user-generated) product demonstrations on YouTube, the main focus of this post are the videos - they were very effective 🙂

The best Christmas present for cats

First things first: the perfect Christmas present isn't actually made for cats, i.e. cats aren't its intended audience. What it is is a moneybox for humans - i.e. a 'cat bank' -  a toy that makes saving money easy and fun.

You can find out more specific product info via the direct link in the amazon ad (buy it via the link if you're interested in getting this gift for your cat - it's actually not easy to find it anywhere else as it's quite niche! It costs under £15 at the time of writing).

In the remainder of the post, I'll just give you product demonstrations via the videos on YouTube. As I said in the introduction, these were what made me buy it - in fact made me buy two - both for my own cat, and for a friend (to whom last year I gifted the Grumpy cat wall calendar, which incidentally is also a great gift for the discerning cat lover).

But back to what to get your cat for its Christmas. First of all, let's look at a product demonstration.

The actual money box functionality

This is what it's supposed to be used for.

Money box as cat toy

What follows is what cat lovers have turned it into - a cat toy!

Exhibit A: Used by a happy curious cat

My first exposure to the toy via - yes - YouTube. Actually someone pointed it out to me as they know I have a soft spot for cat videos. I didn't actually google Christmas presents for cats - mainly because I hadn't gotten around yet to thinking about Christmas gifts!

Exhibit B: Used by an assertive bossy cat

This is one I discovered at a later stage, when looking for more product demonstrations. I'm including it here as it's a bit of a contrast to the other one. Also, I'm wondering which of these behaviours is my cat going to exhibit (if ANY! My cat being quite a silly billy and loses interest in things after 1 minute, doesn't like catnip, or any other things normal cats might like.).

Will this gift be any good for my cat this Christmas?

I don't know if it'll work for my cat, but I'm going to get it to do some UX testing this weekend. As I mentioned earlier, I bought 2 of this cat toy / money box via Amazon (one to give away) and it actually has arrived already. Great news as it means I can do a test run with the cat in the next few days and depending on the outcome of the UX test, I'll see whether or not the second one will make a good Xmas present for my friend's cats.

Even if my dopey cat doesn't respond, I think it'll still make a great novelty item and fun money box for all those coins and small change!

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