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Click and Collect – and save the High Street

I love Click and Collect - it has the best of both worlds as far as I'm concerned. I've done it on various stores including Amazon, Argos, Marks & Spencer, and Asda.

Click and Collect
CC image courtesy of LEOL30 on Flickr

I even prefer click and collect to actually having items sent to my house!

Browsing and ordering online, and picking up in store connects the High Street with digital, and is surely one of the strategies retailers can deploy to remain competitive (see also Econsultancy's recent Five types of mobile shoppers infographic for more tips on selling to digital consumers)

What not to do

Don't offer an exclusive online price that you then can't match in store. This happened to me the other day when trying to get hold of the hotly anticipated (by me) video game Kingdom Hearts 1.5. A retailer had it on their website at a competitive price but didn't seem to offer click and collect - so I thought, I just drive to the store and buy it there and then!

When arriving at the store, the game cost £4 more than advertised on the website. Upon asking the (very nice) sales assistant if he could match the online price, he told me that it was online exclusive, and the £4 extra was surely worth it as I could take the game home now!

Do you think I bought it?

Would you have?


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