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Digital Marketing 2013 – Review

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Digital Art
CC image ‘Abstract 2013 023’ courtesy of Andy Saxton on Flickr

Google's Think Insights, a site publishing insights, trends and research in digital marketing (from a Google perspective!), has produced a nice Digital Marketing 2013 infographic that reviews some of the key trends. Bearing in mind there is an emphasis on paid ads (YouTube etc.), it nevertheless contains useful stats such as:

  • people use 3 different screen combinations per day
  • 81% use a smartphone and television simultaneously!

The other noteworthy point is that it cites engagement rate as a success metric for digital marketing (while talking about their Cost Per Engagement model).

The infographic is also a very nicely designed and branded - you have to give it to Google, they know how to put something out that's completely on brand. Pleasant on the eyes while being very useful -  a good example of content marketing!


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