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Girl Geek Scotland / E-Club Networking

Last Thursday, I attended an informal business / geek networking event hosted by Edinburgh University's E-Club and Girl Geek Scotland. Lots of stimulating chat - and my first ever experience of speed biz networking!

Edinburgh University Business School
CC image courtesy of Tom Parnell on Flickr

I got talking to some interesting people and a few start-ups, including Allan from Insight Arcade, who's building a full service learning & development platform. They want to "match skills gaps with learning opportunities through a comprehensive and intelligent online marketplace" and do so via aggregating global course information. Simple but great idea!

In fact my own site's manual listing of Social Media and Digital Marketing courses could do with a similar approach and with some refinement. I should look to implement an uebereasy aggregated search à la Skyscanner! I don't think there exists a meta search engine to query all UK University courses (both undergraduate and postgrad) - if there is, do let me know 🙂

Girl Geek Scotland are also hosting a summer start-up party and event for the local tech and start-up community in Edinburgh. It's on the 30th August 2013 and looks very tempting - with some high profile female panellists from Silicon Valley attending including Heidi Roizen (of TiVo / ShareThis etc.) and Wendy Lea (of Get Satisfaction).

Girl Geek Scotland - event flyer
Image courtesy of

For more info on the event, click on the image above or check out the event page on the Girl Geek Scotland site.

PS: I lost my purse on the night and a very honest member of the public handed it in to the police, with everything intact! Thank you so much, whoever you are 🙂





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