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Google Analytics Training (FREE!) – from 8th October

Google are now offering free Google Analytics training online - it starts on 8th October (yes, tomorrow!) and all you need is a Google account to sign up. All delivered by Google itself.

Google Analytics training
CC image courtesy of Search Engine People Blog on Flickr

Last week, Google announced 14 new analytics features so it'll be interesting to see to what extent these are part of the training.

Key facts about the new Google Analytics training as follows:

  • it'll take 4-6 hours (in total)
  • it's mainly videos and reading, but will also include Google hangouts
  • there's an exam at the end and if you pass with at least 80%, you get a certificate
  • it's FREE
  • it's best if you manage a site using GA already - they asked me to enter a UA code when signing up (presumably some of the exercises will be practice-based, which makes sense)

I'm quite impressed with this latest move by Google. Free education is always good, though I'm in no doubt that free Google Analytics training run by Google themselves is not just an exercise in philantrophy!

Below is their taster video - and I'd encourage people to sign up! Digital Analytics is the bedrock of business, and data-driven, actionable insight should be at the heart of your marketing.

Google Analytics Training - taster video


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