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Lecturer in Marketing – New job at RGU

Aberdeen Business School
Aberdeen Business School – CC courtesy of RGU Photos on Flickr

We're currently recruiting for a Lecturer in Marketing at the Aberdeen Business School, part of Robert Gordon University. Your main job will be to deliver marketing-related modules to undergraduate, postgraduate and MBA students.

What's more, and excitingly so, is that you'll also be contributing to the new Digital Marketing Project that I'm involved with (as is obvious from my blog). The MSc Digital Marketing is only the first of our products - there's plenty more to come!

It's perhaps not the easiest to find someone who has both industry knowledge, actually does (digital) marketing on a day to day basis, and also with academic / teaching experience (or at least the ability and brains to pick this up quickly).

I really hope we get someone good - by that I mean not someone removed from real life (and real marketing) but someone who's got their feet firmly in both camps (theory / strategy as well as practice). I'd love someone who IS a Marketer, rather than HAS READ ABOUT / researched Marketing. Or at least someone who is agile enough to pick up the skills needed, and quickly, to be an effective lecturer in modern Marketing.

Tall order? Or easy peasy? I'm intrigued to find out!

Deadline for the job is 5th August, and you can apply on RGU's jobs site.

Good luck!


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