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Love cats? Watch these videos!

If you just LOVE cats, you must adore O2's new and funny cat video. We all know that the internet is ruled - or p3wned - by cats, and it's easy to see why. Who can forget Maru, one of the most famous internet cats ever! I've included a choice video below (Maru's 'thing' is to love boxes).


Now, in a new ad mobile operator O2 demonstrate they love cats too. And / or they're trying to piggyback on the cute animal theme started by Three's #danceponydance viral video earlier in the year (the clip of which is embedded in this post).

What next? Tesco mobile's dolphin dance ? EE's Grazing Heilan' Coos?

And here (finally) is O2's cat, wanting to be a dog (I confess that my cat would NEVER want to be a dog. Sleeping on the same spot 14 hours a day more like 😉 ).


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