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2 FREE Online Courses by Google

Google have released two new free online courses that look well worth taking. I've enrolled in one of them - their second free Analytics course, as my experience with the first one, Digital Analytics Fundamentals, was very positive indeed (here is my review of Google Analytics Academy).

Google Analytics
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Google online courses are a great idea - helping educating Google's customers in the use of their products, while making them more dependent on them 😀

Yes, I'm being a bit tongue in cheek, but it's true. Good marketing nowadays is much more focused on helping and educating people, and generally being generous towards your customers so that you earn their trust and they come to you. AKA 'inbound marketing'.

Free online courses and education by software vendors / suppliers is the digital equivalent of 'love bombing' -  showing lots of care and attention, with the aim to influence and persuade to action - in a good way!

Google are so good at being generous and showing care and attention that I feel quite a solid loyalty towards them, and I can more easily forgive them. Yes, there are things that annoy me including the slow erosion of organic search opportunities (which will hit SMEs disproportionately, see also my post on The end of Free Marketing),  Google Now (= WTF), and the new Google Maps (= WTF!).

But with their online courses Google make up for some of it - yes, they are good at taking away (e.g. organic search visibility), but they're also good at giving back. And I feel more 'loved' by them and better looked after than any other big digital communication brand. Facebook's communication is too smarmy for my liking, and Twitter's is too clumsy. Google just gives me the facts and data, and doesn't try overly hard to be my friend.

Anyhow, here are the two courses that have started just recently, and which I'd encourage you to sign up to if you use Google products in your marketing:

Google Analytics Platform Principles

Elevator pitch:

Build a deeper understanding of how Google Analytics works, thus improving your understanding of where your data comes from and why it appears the way it does in Google Analytics


11 March - 27 March 2014

Course info / sign-up:

Google Analytics Platform Principles

Google Datasense: Making Sense of Data

Elevator pitch:

Learn some new ways to structure, visualize, and manipulate data - using Google products of course!


18 March - 4 April 2014

Course info / sign-up:

Making Sense of Data



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