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PhD Studentship in Social Media Analytics – Apply Now!

There is a new PhD studentship in Social Media / Big Data Analytics offered by The IÉSEG School of Management (in Lille & Paris, France).

This is the research area:

The content of the PhDs will be defined in the field of social media analytics and its influence on companies’ communication strategies and their relationships with their customers.

Cheese shop in Lille, FranceA focus is on Big Data - so they're actually looking for people who can program (e.g. Computer Science graduates, and ideally with a degree in marketing or business too). The person spec lists as essential (among other things) "Programming skills of at least one statistical software language such as SAS/Base, SAS/Macro, SAS/Stat, SAS/IML, R and/or SQL". Not for me then (but then I don't really need a PhD Studentship in Social Media ..).

Great opportunity for someone though - in fact there are not one but TWO studentships available. You'll get a three years salaried research contract and you'd have to move to France- check out the photo of the Lille cheese shop to whet your appetite 😀

To find out more and apply, read the further particulars of the PhD studentship in Social Media / Big Data on It all starts in September 2014 - good luck!



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