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PhD Studentship in Information Science – Apply Now

Napier University
CC image courtesy of <p&p> on Flickr

PhD Studentships are hard to come by these days, so I was excited to find out about one in Information Science offered by Napier University in Edinburgh. While it's not specifically a Digital Marketing PhD Studentship, Napier's Institute for Informatics and Digital Innovation does explore related research areas including digital economies and the information society. Current PhD research includes topics such as personal online reputation management as well as online communities - sounds exciting!

The application deadline isn't until Monday 3rd Feb, 12 noon - however Prof. Hazel Hall on her blog asks that candidates make initial contact with her directly no later than Mon 20th January.

So, if you’ve always wanted to stay on in higher education and have been dreaming of doing a PhD, but you don't have the funds for it, this PhD studentship could be for you! Good luck!




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