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Sexy ads or sexist ads? 3 videos to decide

I'm never really sure where to draw the line between sexy ads and sexist ads.

Sexy ads
Sexy or sexist?

In recent weeks, there have been a couple of commercials that have attracted complaints to the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) for being sexist ads.

One of them, IRN Bru's 'Milf' ad, had over 170 complaints while the other one, Renault's Va Va Voom ad, apparently attracted only one!

One of these ads was banned and one was not. Can you guess which? Here's a hint: The commercial in question "invites viewers to view women as sexual objects".


 IRN-BRU, Mum (2013)

Renault Clio, Extra VA VA VOOM (2013)

(And if you don't know which of the above was banned - yes, I realise it shows in the YouTube title... - here's an article with IRN-BRU's Milf ad verdict, and this one will tell you whether or not Clio's Va Va Voom is the banned one 🙂 )

Bonus: Kylie's Agent Provocateur video (2001)

Some of you may remember Kylie's Agent Provocateur video, banned in 2001 from being shown on television. It was nevertheless shown in cinemas, even winning a prize for best cinema commercial in 2009. Lots of men voting, methinks 🙂


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