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Social commerce: How to get it right

Today's topic is about social commerce, something close to my heart. You see, I'm quite a demanding customer. I want you to be exactly in the right place and at the right time when I need you. It doesn't matter whether I am - at work, at home, or out and about. Whether it's 5AM in the morning or 11PM at night. Whether I'm on my desktop, laptop, smartphones, tablet, or games console.

social commerce

We, your customers, are everywhere - but nowhere for very long, and it's very hard to pin us down!

Yet, we all want you to put us first. To respond to our needs at right time and in the right place.

How do you sell succesfully in a multi-device, omnichannel environment, with a highly dispersed customer base?

What strategies can you use to put your customers first, and lead your business to excelling at social commerce?

Let's look how Domino's do it - a company for whom online now accounts for more than 60% of their UK deliveries, and who take great care to put their customers first.

Domino's Pizza

I don't order much Pizza but if I did, I would be very inclined to use Domino's again. Their key differentiation isn't necessarily price point or even taste - there must be thousands of pizza takeaways in the UK! Their USP is in fact a remarkable customer experience.

(1) Domino's website

Domino's online order

The entire user journey on Domino's website is pretty good, but the icing on the cake for me was the post-ordering landing page (see on the left).

It refreshes regularly, telling you what stage your pizza is at. This is cool and really useful, seeing it solves one of the problems of ordering online - wondering when your food will arrive.

Also, look at the mini easy feedback from underneath! Nifty.


(2) Domino's mobile

Domino's outdoor advertisement

Domino's mobile experience similarly puts the customer at its centre. It's easy to use, and very convenient. No hassle or UX (user experience) frustrations.

I was also impressed by their smart offline marketing for the app (see on the right) - the creative is really effective with a simple, strong call to action - 'order on the go and come home to a piping hot pizza' - VERY tempting!

Both these examples show that Domino's aim is to create THE best customer experience for ordering a pizza online. They clearly want to own this space: Both their site and app are convenient. They're simple and user-friendly. And damn useful.

Psychologically, their strategy makes me feel they're making Pizza on my own terms and tailored to my needs. They're really nice! They must really care about me! I will use them again!

The key takeaway for businesses wanting to excel at social commerce, is almost too simple to be true: serve your customers' needs, wherever they are, and you'll excel at selling online.

Give them a remarkable customer experience throughout their journey with your brand, and they'll come back.

Easy, huh? 😉






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