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Social Media Degrees in the UK

With the academic year 12/13 almost over, I've been doing a bit of digging for digital marketing and social media degrees - both undergraduate and postgraduate level - currently on offer in the UK.

Edinburgh University library
CC image courtesy of kaysgeog on Flickr

I'm passionate about the acquisition of digital skills - and how to ensure that the next generation is digitally literate - not just in basic IT / internet skills, but also the intricacies of digital marketing. Any Marketing student and future practitioner must have a solid understanding of digital, as well as social media and mobile digital cultures.

Some of the social media degrees are new for the academic year 13/14, and there are currently more postgraduate degrees (9) than undergraduate ones (4).

Seeing I'm based in Scotland, I'll just feature the Scottish ones here - though I've done the full list of social media courses as a page so I can easily keep it up to date :).

In Scotland, we have Edinburgh Napier University's BA (Hons) in Marketing with Digital Media. It's not strictly speaking a digital marketing / social media degree, but it's the only one in Scotland just now!

Glasgow Caledonian University offers a postgraduate degree in Digital Marketing (MSc) which looks quite interesting. Anyone with a first degree in, say, English Literature, should probably consider it to increase their employability!

Businesses are crying out for people with digital skills, and this is a growth area. I know that if I were starting out now, a digital marketing degree is definitely something I'd consider :).





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