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Social Media Training – Online Moderation Certificate

Since first starting to work as an online community moderator in 2002, I've always felt that it would be useful to be able to learn the skills needed to do the job in some sort of social media training.

Social Media Training - communication channels
CC image courtesy of khalidalbaih on Flickr

The other day, I discovered what must be the first official certification in moderation - the Moderation Foundation Training Certificate, offered by a company calledĀ Moderation Gateway.

Social media training in this day and age is certainly useful - there are so many gurus around that having a way of gaining creditable accreditation can only be a good thing šŸ™‚

The certificate was developed in conjunction with eModeration, a leadingĀ social media management and moderation agency.Ā That's a great endorsement and credibility to have!

For anyone wanting to work from home, this may just be a good way of ensuring your skills are marketable when you do go for that online moderation job!




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