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Tweet added to Oxford English Dictionary

'Tweet' has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary. The word was introduced as part of the June update.

Twitter logo

And by 'tweet' I mean in the sense of Twitter - a private company, not as in 'bird' ūüôā

Curious to see that 'to facebook' (Verb) hasn't made it in there yet, when 'to google' (Verb) got into the OED in June 2006!

Steven Poole on The Guardian is waiting with bated breath for other interweb favourites to be added such as:

facepalm, roflcopter, and kitteh (the adorably cute deliberate misspelling of "kitten")... it will be epic ‚Äď which the OED now allows to mean "Particularly impressive or remarkable; excellent, outstanding, 'awesome'" (you have to love those fastidious scare quotes around the last word).

I'd like to request another one: Meh, which Wikipedia defines as:

... an interjection, often used as an expression of indifference or boredom. It can also be used as a verb (rendering something uninteresting, boring or useless to the beholder) and an adjective (meaning mediocre, boring, or apathetic).

Let's hope that many more beautiful words from the magical world of social media will follow 'to google' and 'to tweet' and be added to the Oxford English Dictionary.

I just wonder if they can REMOVE them again afterwards, once they go out of fashion ūüėÄ




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