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Digital Skills Training

Between May 2018 and June 2019 I worked on behalf of Google with the Google Digital Garage Edinburgh (Scotland) as a digital skills coach and trainer in digital marketing.

Digital Skills Training in Scotland - Google Digital Garage team
With Misha & Lina at the Edinburgh Digital Garage

As a coach, I delivered 1:1 sessions at the Digital Garage store on 42 Shandwick Place. I also ran workshops specialising in using digital advertising, search marketing, and digital marketing to grow your business.

I trained people in practical digital skills - e.g. how to use a computer, spreadsheets, or email in the workplace.

Today, I still provide digital skills training in Scotland on a freelance basis - both face-to-face and online. I focus on digital skills for the workplace and on students who need to upskill in professional digital skills required for work. This includes general computing skills (working on a desktop / laptop), and Office 365 (professional use of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook / Email communication, and Microsoft Teams).

At the Google Digital Garage in Edinburgh

Simone and Simone Digital Garage Edinburgh
Coaching a visitor at the Google Digital Garage in Edinburgh