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Webfilm Theory

‘Webfilm Theory’ is the title of my PhD research into early Internet video.

The work, completed in 2007,  investigated online video, its production and distribution from 1998-2005 – the area of ‘web 1.0′, just before the breakthrough of YouTube (2006) and the advent of social media.

CC image courtesy of SYSTAIME on Flickr

Using a theoretical framework of actor-network theory, it argued that consumption and production of content in the digital age had started to merge, and that humans were no longer separate to but formed part of their technologies, machines and devices in a network of consumption and production.

The insight that digital consumption is no longer separate from its production and exists in a network of humans and their technologies seems no more true than in today’s social, consumer-driven digital world.

Webfilm Theory anticipated modern digital consumers and their ubiquitous, multi-device video consumption and production on social media.

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