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My name is Simone and I'm an ex-Social Media Manager, occasional web designer, WordPress lover, academic, video game addict, avid reader, and overall intellectual omnivore.

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I live in Edinburgh, Scotland. I moved to the UK from my native Germany in 2000 (just in time for the new millenium!). After 2 years working in London I came to Edinburgh - it's been my home ever since (for my professional background, check my LinkedIn profile). I'm now a Marketing Lecturer at Edinburgh Napier University's Business School and a digital skills coach.

I think a lot about what social media and customer-first means in the digital economy, and about digital inequality – especially around access to digital marketing knowledge and skills.

I’ve been working with digital media in some form or other since the last century, and I’ve always believed in digital as a force for good (digital ist besser!).