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My name is Simone Kurtzke and I'm an ex-Social Media Manager, WordPress lover, academic, video game addict, avid reader, and overall intellectual omnivore.

Simone KurtzkeI live in Edinburgh, Scotland. I moved to the UK from my native Germany in 2000 (just in time for the new millennium!). After 2 years working in London I came to Edinburgh - it's been my home ever since (for a CV, check my LinkedIn). I'm now a Marketing Lecturer at Edinburgh Napier University's Business School. I also provide digital skills training.

I think a lot about what social media and customer-first means in the digital economy, and about digital inequality – especially around professional digital skills and digital literacy.

I’ve been working with digital technology in some form or other since the last century, and I’ve always believed in digital as a force for good (digital ist besser!).